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Welcome to my Professional Portfolio! On this page, I talk about some of the work I've done while being employed or as a consultant. For some projects, I go into more detail and cannot with other projects as it is confidential information that I would need to get permission for to talk about. However, if you would like to know more about them, do let me know and I'll see what I can do. Enjoy!


Enbridge Smart Thermostat Program

Emerson Canada - Web Application - PHP, Java

This project was one of my first big ones while working at Emerson Canada as a co-op student. Emerson Canada had signed an agreement with Enbridge Inc. to include their SensiTM Smart Thermostat in the program that offered a $100 rebate to customers who installed and registered the thermostat after August 24th, 2017. The goal for this program was to get more customers to install smart thermostats in their home to save on energy.

I was tasked with creating an interactive and professional Web Application that would take the customers through the registration process for the rebate. The Web Application also needed to have automation such as bi-weekly report generation for the customers that registered between a 2 week period which then would be uploaded to Enbridge for processing of the rebate. One of the biggest challenges was to validate if the customer had indeed registered a SensiTM Thermostat after August 24, 2017 on - the website where customers registered the thermostat to activate the geo-fencing and other mobile related features. This required communicating with Emerson's internal division who were responsible for looking after customer and thermostat data. In the end, I had to request access to a special API instance available to only specific people and integrate the connectivity into the rebate portal to solve the problem of having real-time customer thermostat validation.

Link to portal:

Interac Bulk e-Transfer

Emerson Canada - Web Application - PHP, Java

Along with the Smart Thermostat Project, this was also one of my first big projects at Emerson. In this one, I was tasked with creating a process in which rebate redemption would be sent to a customer by an internal employee (sales person typically) in the form of an e-Transfer. The sales employees usually do a sort of a promotion and one of the departments decided to do an Interac e-Transfer promo.

This project started off as a simple Java process in which transactions given by the sales person would be translated into an XML format provided by RBC and then the file would be sent to RBC for processing the transactions. The process had to handle sending, receiving, and parsing multiple type of transaction-request and transaction-response XMLs to/from RBC. The challenges in this project were not only being able to migrate from one type of process to another, but also sending/receiving data to/from RBC. This challenge was resolved however details on how it was resolved could be confidential to both Emerson and RBC therefore I cannot elaborate more without getting permission.

New Payment System

Emerson Canada - Java Interface

In this project, I was tasked with creating an interface that would replace the existing payment automation system for the sake of efficiency and other internal system changes. The interface was created in Java and used XML files in terms of communication and data transfer.

I cannot elaborate further on this project without getting permission as it contains confidential information that I might not have permission to talk about.

New Expense System

Emerson Canada - Java Interface

In this project, I was tasked with creating an interface that would replace the existing expense automation system for the sake of new internal system changes. There were two parts to this project; to download a file via SFTP and decrypt it using a private key, and to parse the file so the information gets persisted into the ERP. I worked alongside another developer who worked on parsing the file while I worked on downloading it via SFTP and decrypting it. The interface I wrote was written in Java and used the JSCH library to enable downloads via SFTP and the BouncyCastle cryptography library to decrypt the file with a private key. The biggest challenge that I came across in this project was to decrypt the file using the BouncyCastle cryptography library as I didn't come across many other cryptography libraries for Java. Fortunately, the documentation was sufficient enough for my purposes and I overcame that challenge.

InSinkErator Promo

Emerson Canada - Web Application

In this project, I worked with the InSinkErator Canada marketing team to create a web application for a promotion that was taking place for which the objective was to increase knowledge of garburators and promote InSinkErator's newest series of disposers, the Evolution Series. The requirements were to create a simple and interactive quiz application for which a $5 Tim Hortons gift card is given out upon the completion of the quiz. Since there was a selected set of audience for this promotion, a set of cryptographically strong unique codes were generated to allow only certain individuals to claim the gift card.

Link to web app:

Emerson White-Rodgers Products

Emerson Canada - Mobile Application (Android/iOS)

For this project, I was tasked with creating a mobile application for White-Rodgers to make their product manuals available at anywhere anytime for users. The purpose of this project was to make a digital way for users to access WR product information rather than carrying around a paper manual. The app itself communicates with a RESTful web service on to download links to product manuals.

This was my first mobile app development project and was full of useful knowledge and experience. I continue to develop more apps for professional and personal purposes.

Link to Android app:

Link to iOS app:

Sensi Social Media Campaign

Emerson Canada - Web Application

Emerson Canada's team decided to do a social media campaign to increase the Sensi brand awareness among consumers. I was tasked with creating a two interactive web applications in a quiz-like format. The quizzes main objective was to improve consumers' knowledge on the Sensi thermostat, and the reward for one was a $5 tim-card with the reward for the second being an entry ticket in a contest to win a Sensi thermostat. After the campaign was over, the results indicated that the campaign performed extremely well and had exceeded expectations. This was a fairly simple and fun project, and I was very satisfied with the results. The apps also got great ratings in terms of the UI and UX.

Tim-card quiz link:

Thermostat quiz link:

Greenlee Promo

Emerson Canada - Web Application

As a way to greet one of Emerson's latest acquisitions, Greenlee, we decided to a similar marketing promo for them as we did for the Sensi thermostat. The idea was the same; create an interactive web application that would showcase one of their latest products, and have the consumer fill out a form to be entered into a contest to win the product. This was an extremely easy application to develop, and overall got great ratings in terms of the UI and UX.


e-Commerce Store

Emerson Canada - Web Application

This was one of the big projects I've worked at Emerson Canada. The Enbridge Smart Savings program I mentioned above was coming to an end on August 1st 2019 because a newer version of the program was being launched for which Emerson wasn't included due to a lack of an e-Commerce for Canada store since the program required one. The way that the program worked is that the consumer would go to Enbridge's site, see if they're eligible for a rebate, and would get a coupon sent to them via email, an instant rebate, that they can use to purchase the thermostat. Emerson US did have an e-Commerce store, but there was no shipping option for Canada. And so Emerson Canada required an e-Commerce store to be included in this program. That is where I came in. I developed the whole e-commerce store that included capabilities such as content management, coupon management, and functionality that a typical e-commerce store would have. I automated all processes to ensure minimal user intervention for when it came to: order entry, handling Credit Card transactions, updating order status, etc. The site,, not only needed to be secure in terms of handling data (which it was) but also needed to be PCI Compliant since the site would be serving as a middle-man to relay the customer's CC information to a CC processor. Creating large complex systems is something that excites me, and this was one of them. Currently the store is only serving the Sensi thermostat and their accessories, but I also made it scalable so that adding future Business Units and more items would be a relatively easy task.


More Coming Soon!

I've done more projects as well and I will update this section as I get more time to work on my website.