School Portfolio

Capstone Project - WeHearYou

During the last two semesters of my program, I lead a team for a capstone project. Our project was similar to something like 1-800 Suicide Hotline, but ours had more capabilities. Our application not only had services like instant-messaging, but it also had RTC communication like video/voice chat. I not only lead the team but head majority of the back-end development including RTC implementation. This was a great project that was filled with knowledge, experience, and had a great cause behind it. The source code for this project isn't available publicly as it was capstone project and our repository was, and is still, private.

Technologies used:

  1. Symfony - back-end
  2. Angular - front-end
  3. Twilio - RTC capabilities
  4. Java - Android app
  5. Swift - iOS app

Please checkout my GitHub account to view some of my school work under the "School" repository.