Desktop Applications

Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Stand-Alone Applications

Many businesses have applications that either serve as an entry screen (GUI) or are running behind the scenes (stand-alone applications) which have the same goal; to automate a task. As time passes by, businesses are moving from "analog" methods to "digital" methods by creating these Interfaces and applications. I have experience in creating these applications which would in return benefit your business by: increasing productivity, getting tasks done faster, and business running smoother.

Web Applications

Professional Web Page Design with Back-End Functionalities

We live in an era where almost any sort of information or service is available from the click of a link on the Internet. Almost all businesses have online websites for either marketing purposes (promoting their products/services) or business purposes (allow customers to buy products directly off the website). Both purposes have the same goal in mind; customer satisfaction. And to ensure customer satisfaction, the website needs to be: functionality rich, responsive, and professional. In order for these requirements to be met, you need someone who knows and understands the usage of various technologies, techniques, and methods to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Mobile Applications

Functional Mobile Applications for Android and iOS platforms

Smartphones are becoming popular everyday and corporations are starting to provide information and services on their products through Mobile Applications. These applications serve as an alternative to their website and contain more functionality to further enhance user experience. I have experience with creating feature-full apps that allow the user to easily access the information and services.

Next Steps...

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